Online Forex Trading Software – The ABCs Explained

There are many different online forex trading software packages that can be used in Forex trading. Four will be named here. The Raptor is a system that automates various trading activities involved in Forex trading. This system also allows Forex trader to trade manually.

This can be used by both beginners and experienced traders. It can also help traders to bring in potential benefits by determining precise entry signals. This software also allows you to earn around 300 pips per week. This software also works with the main currency issued.

Forex Tracer is the next online forex trading software that we will look at. This is the only fully automated trading and signaling software for Forex. This software helps you to build money in the Forex system. No experience is necessary for using this software. By using this software, you are well on your way to making trades that are winning to say the very least.

This software is created to trade Euros versus US dollars. There is no human interaction needed with this software. This software involves low risk but high yield. It also can be tested without any capital risk to you.

Forex Killer is online forex trading software that is used to determine the right time for buying or selling. This software is compatible with all the trading pairs that are traded on a daily basis. This is a platform that can be used with all trading platforms in the Forex System.

This online forex trading software requires that you make a onetime payment so that you don’t have to make monthly payments for market updates. This software will also allow you to start trading with $500 minimum. This software makes certain that you receive any and all updates. This is useful for all traders regardless of skill level.

Our last trading software is Instant Forex Profit Trading system. This software is the best signal generating software for average traders. This signifies when you input data that the calculations begin from that starting point. This is good especially for the take profit and stop loss situations.

This online forex trading software also includes certain features that do not require any trading experience. This software only allows you to earn around 80 pips per week. This also saves you a lot of time and the success ratio is much higher. This improves your profit margin greatly. It also takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.

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Social Media Statistics for Marketing Your Business in 2014

These are the steps that can help you propel your business forward using Social Media Marketing.

Step 1: Review of the Executive Summary Business Plan Spelled out in a one-pager:

· Your Business Mission and History

· Your Business or Revenue Model

· Descriptions of your Products & Services

· Details of Your Target Audience

· Review of Your Current Marketing Efforts

Step 2: Define Specific Social Media Goals

It is impossible to reach and attain a goal without defining exact specifics. Too many business owners let social metrics define their goals, such as “More Twitter Followers”, “More Fans on Facebook”, “More YouTube Views.” As a marketer, I understand that it is really the engagement (conversation) that counts. But, what engagement are we talking about? Positive engagement? Volume of commenting on a controversial piece of content? We would need to go a step beyond to define specific, actionable, and (most importantly) reasonable Social Media Marketing goals such as: · Validate a new product or service using social as a research platform.

· Develop buzz and interest around a new product. (Creating and building an almost rabid international audience)

· Engage users in social to generate relevant and targeted traffic to your site.

· Gain market share by leading customer/client service through social.

· Generate registrations to branded events through social.

Step 3: Find Your Social Media Marketing Voice

One of the keys to ensuring success in social is to create and implement a voice that resonates with your specific target audience. For each audience type, break down and research age, income, location, and reasons for possibly buying your products/services.

Step 4: Choosing Social Tools Appropriately

Choosing your social tools appropriately is an essential piece of your online communications plan. Here’s a short review of the leading social sites:
· Facebook: More than 1.22 billion users. Majority between 18-34; 60 percent female. Best opportunity for community building with customers with incomes above $75k annually.
· Google++: More than 300 million users. Majority between 26-34; 70 percent male. Platform for driving visibility around a brand.
· LinkedIn: More than 259 million users. Majority between 26-34, directly followed by 35-44. The number one B2B social networking tool skews toward male users.
· Twitter: More than 243 million users. Majority between 26-34; 57 percent female. Best tool for interacting in real-time.
· Instagram: More than 150 Million Users. Majority between 18-34; 68 percent female. A visual mobile/web platform for sharing stories via pictures.
· Pinterest: More than 70 Million Users. Majority between 26-44; 84 percent female in the US. A viral platform for image bookmarking via pictures dominated by tablet users.
· Tumblr: More than 34 Million Users. Forty-six percent between 16-24; equally divided between male and female. A blogging platform for teens and young adults interested in self expression.

Step 5: Plan & Execute Content & Delivery

Now to the hard part – finding, creating, and delivering engaging social media content. Social media execution can be daunting, but with a proper plan it is doable and can drive real (marketing) results. What is needed to define:
· Frequency of content delivery & response to social engagement.
· Types and specific topics for content creation.
· Ways to increase audience engagement.
· Events that can drive social.
· Social success metrics (number of followers, number of fans, volume of traffic back to site, number of retweets, etc.).

Because it is all about the #OrganicConversation.

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The Mobile Customer

In today’s world, more and more people are choosing to do everything from their smartphone. Ordering dinner, purchasing tickets, paying bills, making reservations, etc. and even more etc.! What does this mean for the service related industries? Should this be a priority when developing or enhancing one’s customer service strategy? When your customer chooses to communicate in a certain manner and your competition chooses to accommodate the customer’s desire to make life easier via technology, the answer is pretty obvious. Either get on board or miss out on the opportunity for increased revenues. How can one provide a great customer experience to the mobile customer? Let’s look at a few ways to get this done.

Determine what’s important to the mobile customer. – While it’s important to be “mobile friendly”, (your website is mobile friendly right?) it’s also important to know what’s important to your mobile customer. Mobile customers are busy people and really want to do everything from their mobile device. They want the ability to visit your website, conduct business and move on – while waiting at the traffic light! This means that your website should first of all be built for speed. How many clicks to complete a transaction? How many clicks to locate items? How does the site look on their smartphone screen? Is there a “click-to-call button” available on your mobile site? Are they able to find your locations and open hours? Can they email you from your mobile site? All of these are important to your mobile customer.

Get an app. – Another way to deliver a great mobile customer experience is to provide a downloadable mobile app. Doing so creates an avenue for two-way communication. A mobile app allows you to be proactive in having the ability to “push” information to your customer. You can advise your customer of future events, sales, changes or delays. Your customer should also be able to contact you as well via your mobile app. Let’s say your customer is running late for an appointment or reservation – can they communicate this information to you through your mobile app? Now some might say “Why not just make a phone call in this example.” I would say it doesn’t have to make sense – it’s what the customer prefers to do. If your competitors are providing an avenue for customers to communicate in their preferred manner and you’re not, you run the risk of your customers becoming your competitors’ customers.

Pay attention to your data. – Your mobile customer’s activity should provide some great data for you to establish usage patterns. What percentage of your website visitors do so via their mobile device? What percentage of customers who downloaded your mobile app actually utilizes it? What percentage of mobile visitors actually make a purchase from your website? What percentage of customers making reservations do so from a mobile device? When pushing out sales specials to your mobile app users, what percentage take advantage of your offer? What percentage of total sales are attributable to mobile customers? These are some questions that can assist you in determining the effectiveness of your mobile strategy. The answers will surely create more questions – How can we get more customers who downloaded the app to actually utilize it? Does our advertisement wording incentivize our mobile customers to make a purchase? Do we have all of the pertinent information available to our mobile customer? The answers will certainly identify areas of opportunity in the quest to create a great mobile customer experience.

The mobile customer is not one to tolerate a slow or non-existent mobile customer strategy. Make sure yours is running on all cylinders by Determining What’s Important to the Mobile Customer, Providing A Downloadable Mobile App and Paying Attention to Your Data.

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How Sonic And The Many Sonic Games Started

Anybody who is born in the 1990s must have heard about Sonic the Hedgehog, that furry blue character that figured well in the very popular Sonic video games. Sega created Sonic and they were quite successful with that feat. Sonic soon became the biggest rival of Nintendo’s most loved game, Mario.

Sonic games are indeed very popular back then, considering that it successfully reached the 80 million mark in the number of copies sold worldwide. This particular franchise had created so much rage that after fifteen years, it was inducted to the Walk of Game – the game authority that ranks the best video games ever released. This further sealed Sonic’s mark in the gaming industry.

Sonic games were created by many programmers employed by Sega. This character alone required two experts to collaborate profusely until they came up with their own version of a hedgehog. As a result, they have created a character having lots of anthromorphic abilities. He can move at the speed of a supersonic and curl himself like a ball to attack enemies. Those became the major moves of Sonic and they are seen in all of his games.

Because of Sonic’s new-found fame, it had successfully replaced Alex Kidd as Sega’s primary mascot. Sonic bested a lot of other characters along the way, including several much newer ones. Without doubt, Sonic has gone a long way since its release in 1991. Several Sonic games soon hit the market, not to mention a lot of merchandise created under its name.

Sonic games have found its way inside Japanese and American household from the day it was promoted. And not soon after, it became popular worldwide. However, the very first game where Sonic appeared in wasn’t in the same series that made him popular globally. Sonic was first introduced in a racing game called Rad Mobile. That game was more of a test run of his moves and abilities as a character more than anything. As soon as the platform game especially made for Sonic was put into the shelves, Sega struck gold. Sonic the Hedgehog soon became one of the best-selling video games at that particular time.

And the great thing is that Sonic wasn’t alone in his adventures. In most of his games, Sonic has his friends always ready to help him with his quests. First there was his best friend Tails who joined him in the game titled Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He even got a girlfriend there, Amy Rose. There is also an alter ego created for him and they called him Metal Sonic. That was his superhero version, so to speak. Knuckles became part of the ensemble in 1994.

Sega never stopped creating Sonic games since that fateful day in 1991. The latest installment of the game series is Sonic Generations, which is still in the works. The concept of that game is to mix Sonic’s all-time classic moves and his new abilities that are present in the modern versions of Sonic games. Evidently, Sega is trying to revive the original Sonic and try to introduce it to today’s generation of gamers. Surely when that new game finally hit the market, both old and new Sonic fans will surely have a blast.

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