Could Your Business Benefit From Cloud Based Services?

You might have heard that, “everything is on the cloud these days,” but you may not know exactly what that means. For those unfamiliar with the term, cloud based services offer users a shared resource much like an electricity grid. This resource can be used for a number of different things including software and information sharing and storage space for files. Since these files are hosted over the Internet, anything that may be on your computer or network of computers that has been uploaded will not be lost in the event of physical damage to the computer or the network.

These services can be extremely valuable to a business that operates on a scale larger than just a few computers. Cloud based service professionals can help you find an IT solution that is perfect for your situation. There are numerous different types of digital storage options to choose from.

There are public storage networks that can offer valuable IT assistance. These types span across many organizations providing a more cost-effective solution to your business’s needs.

Private solutions are designed for internal networks, where data and other information are highly sensitive. There is still the ability to share resources, software, and information, but these things will only be accessible to your company’s private network.

The third and more modern choice, is the hybrid solution. This network is a cross between both public and private types. This option is highly customizable, allowing you to choose what comes into your network and what goes out without compromising any security.

Besides providing your company with numerous storage options, cloud based services also provide around-the-clock support if anything should go wrong with your data solution. This allows you to spend more time focusing on the operation of your business and less time worrying about the technical aspects. Coupled with disaster recovery protocols, you will never have to worry about losing essential network functions in the event of unforeseeable computer damage.

Cloud based services can offer you more than just network solutions, however. They can also provide your business with voice options no matter where your company finds itself in the phone system evolution. For example, you can choose a more modern hosted PBX system, where all calls are routed through a single private IP network. These systems have no limits in terms of the number of lines you can have, so you can add or scale back on lines if necessary to keep your costs manageable. A converged access phone system takes your phone lines and combines them with your data network, providing you with a cheaper way to move your company closer toward a PBX system without the costly up-front costs.

There are so many resources that cloud based services can offer your company. Look into getting on the cloud to protect your business and all of its data before something bad happens, otherwise you’ll wish you had.

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