How Sonic And The Many Sonic Games Started

Anybody who is born in the 1990s must have heard about Sonic the Hedgehog, that furry blue character that figured well in the very popular Sonic video games. Sega created Sonic and they were quite successful with that feat. Sonic soon became the biggest rival of Nintendo’s most loved game, Mario.

Sonic games are indeed very popular back then, considering that it successfully reached the 80 million mark in the number of copies sold worldwide. This particular franchise had created so much rage that after fifteen years, it was inducted to the Walk of Game – the game authority that ranks the best video games ever released. This further sealed Sonic’s mark in the gaming industry.

Sonic games were created by many programmers employed by Sega. This character alone required two experts to collaborate profusely until they came up with their own version of a hedgehog. As a result, they have created a character having lots of anthromorphic abilities. He can move at the speed of a supersonic and curl himself like a ball to attack enemies. Those became the major moves of Sonic and they are seen in all of his games.

Because of Sonic’s new-found fame, it had successfully replaced Alex Kidd as Sega’s primary mascot. Sonic bested a lot of other characters along the way, including several much newer ones. Without doubt, Sonic has gone a long way since its release in 1991. Several Sonic games soon hit the market, not to mention a lot of merchandise created under its name.

Sonic games have found its way inside Japanese and American household from the day it was promoted. And not soon after, it became popular worldwide. However, the very first game where Sonic appeared in wasn’t in the same series that made him popular globally. Sonic was first introduced in a racing game called Rad Mobile. That game was more of a test run of his moves and abilities as a character more than anything. As soon as the platform game especially made for Sonic was put into the shelves, Sega struck gold. Sonic the Hedgehog soon became one of the best-selling video games at that particular time.

And the great thing is that Sonic wasn’t alone in his adventures. In most of his games, Sonic has his friends always ready to help him with his quests. First there was his best friend Tails who joined him in the game titled Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He even got a girlfriend there, Amy Rose. There is also an alter ego created for him and they called him Metal Sonic. That was his superhero version, so to speak. Knuckles became part of the ensemble in 1994.

Sega never stopped creating Sonic games since that fateful day in 1991. The latest installment of the game series is Sonic Generations, which is still in the works. The concept of that game is to mix Sonic’s all-time classic moves and his new abilities that are present in the modern versions of Sonic games. Evidently, Sega is trying to revive the original Sonic and try to introduce it to today’s generation of gamers. Surely when that new game finally hit the market, both old and new Sonic fans will surely have a blast.

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